Bergen, Morris, Sussex County New Jersey affordable professional organizer services, decluttering and real estate home staging services – how can you help me?

How do your organizing, decluttering and real estate home staging services work?

We have been your local Bergen, Morris and Sussex County New Jersey professional organizer and decorator since 2009 when we first started out doing this work in residential home offices. Since those early years our services have expanded to all thing residential – organizing, decluttering and decorating apartments, condos, townhouses and homes throughout the 3 counties we work in.

You are more than welcome to call us for a free 15 minute consultation to see if what we offer works with what you need done. If we are a good match for your needs, we schedule an in home appointment with you. We do a walk through your home or the portions of your home that need work done. We make notes about your lifestyle (so that we can better understand family needs), organizing or decorating needs, and then present you with a written plan of action within 24 hours. The in home meeting takes almost exactly 2 hours, in most cases. 

If you then choose to undertake the project yourself, based upon the suggestions written up in our plan of action, that’s fine. If you choose to have us come back and work with you, we credit half of our in home meeting fee towards your project.

Often times the home owner likes to have us work alongside them, as it is a cost efficient and time efficient way of getting the project done, with minimal chance of spending more money than they need.

What sort of real estate home staging do you do?

At this time we only stage currently occupied homes. This is regardless of whether you plan on staying in your home or you are having us stage it for the purpose of putting it on the real estate market and selling it.

We assist you with achieving an open concept look, de-cluttering, and making your home look effortless and beautiful. Many times we can re-purpose your items, other times we help you donate what you don’t need.

Whatever we need to do to help you achieve your home staging goals, we are here to help.

We also can assist you with exterior curb appeal, and cleaning up your garden or yard, and staging that as well for maximum curb appeal.

Why are there no pictures on your website of recent projects you have done?

Very simply, for privacy for our clients. We work with many local celebrities and news media clients as well as your neighbors around Bergen, Morris and Sussex County New Jersey. Organizing and decluttering one’s home is a very private issue, as is re-decorating or interior redesign.

Most of our work has been in the professional organizing and interior redesign and styling areas. If the client has not given us permission and signed off on allowing us to take before and after pictures, we cannot show our work in a portfolio. Often times the client is hesitant to have us post pictures, especially the “BEFORE” pictures, because they feel someone may recognize their home and they do not want people knowing their personal issues.

We totally respect our clients privacy every step of the way! We also do not name drop, nor do we use full names in any testimonials we receive from our clients. Much of our work comes to us through word of mouth, genuinely pleased clients who give us credible referrals.

We have recently become a Certified Professional Home Staging and Redesign expert in 2017, and look forward to sharing those images with you in a portfolio soon. We can only share before and after photos that clients have given us written permission to use.

How do I get in touch with you? Give us a call at 201.753.1677 for a free 15 minute consultation.