Getting Ready For The Holidays

So. The holidays are literally around the corner. With all the good food, cheer, fun, family and all comes stress. And who needs more stress anyway? And certainly NOT at such a beautiful and happy time of year!

What I always do every late summer or very early fall is go through my own holiday decorations, which are generally stored away neatly in bins labeled for each holiday. Autumn / the time of scarecrows / Thanksgiving, Winter / the time of snow people / Christmas, Valentines, and then Easter and Spring. I do this mostly to review what I have, what if anything needs to be tossed or repaired, or what may need to be re-homed.

And don’t forget the wrapping paper and gift bags! It’s a dream to simply be able to pull out the correct wrapping paper, wine bags or gift bags by holiday!

Then I go through my kitchen cabinets. Sometimes just to re-arrange and store like items more appropriately together. Wine glasses get washed and polished so there are no water spots, and I stand them upside down to keep the insides dust free. Same thing with pots and pans to just give them a freshening up. The slow cooker although stored away in the cabinet I made a cover for just to ensure that it stays dust free.

Bergen County Professional Organizer

Next is the pantry. That always seems to need straightening up as none of us is perfect and we often just plop stuff back on any shelf where there is room! Personally I like my cereals and pasta on one shelf, veggies on another, bread making flour and other flours plus the dried buttermilk and cake mixes on yet another shelf, and miscellaneous goodies on the fourth shelf.

I check the dates on everything, throwing out anything that has overrun it’s shelf life so that there are no surprises down the road and you then have to waste time running to the store.

I realize in the grand scheme of things these could be considered “little” tasks, but it makes my life easier when I know where everything is precisely and that all systems are ready to rock n roll when the time comes.

I always encourage my decluttering and organizing clients to do this as well. Can be before the holidays or after the holidays. What matters is that the next time they roll around, you’re ready for them, stress free!

Now to settle down in a cozy chair, put my feet up and knock off a few pumpkin lattes!

Call or text us anytime at 2013.753.1677 and we’ll be happy to help you sort out your holiday goodies and have them perfectly organized for next year!