Getting the Most For Your Home – Boost That Sales Price

Ready to sell your home? Let’s take a daunting task and make it easier for you. We’ve already told you about the absolute importance of decluttering, organizing, cleaning, pre-packing, and home staging.

But this time let’s talk about renovations and upgrades. The right combination of upgrades can get you as much as 10% more.

What’s important to buyers? Looks! When a potential buyer first lays eyes on your home and walks through it, they envision whether they could see themselves living in it.

Open concept kitchen with new appliances.

Behind the scenes upgrades such as new windows, a new roof, a new HVAC system are great, but if the home is not instantly visually appealing, most buyers will cross it right off the list and move on to the next.

What are some things you can do?

Remove walls to create an open concept look. Add wrap around counter areas with stools in the kitchen. These improvements go a long way with the visual appeal buyers are looking for.

Having a beautiful and well maintained outdoor area is equally important. A minimal outdoor area upgrade can add as much as 5% to the selling price. Add an outdoor deck and you can ask more. Buyers are looking for attractive outdoor living spaces just as much as attractive indoor living spaces.

Clean up the garden. Clean up the play area. Plant some new trees or shrubs. Remember, visual appeal seals the deal.

The absolute most important room of the house is the kitchen, because that is the heart of the home and of the family. The kitchen will give you the best return on  your investment and can be the cause of the sale.

A whole kitchen gut and renovation can be expensive and if you don’t choose to or simply cannot afford that, there is a cost effective work around.

A cosmetic makeover such as a smart kitchen redesign, adding new appliances, counter tops and coordinating floors can raise that sale price again by around 5%.

Most buyers are looking for stainless steel kitchen appliances, genuine wood or laminate flooring, and subway tiles on the walls. Buyers are also looking for bathrooms that are smartly updated, clean and move in ready.

A fresh coat of paint indoors gives a home a fresh new feel and again is a visual attraction to the buyer. Replacing old, worn or dirty carpets is another thing buyers are looking for.

Sellers should be sure to make note of all improvements and candidly let the buyer know – it goes a long way in getting the price you want for the home you are selling.


Maureen McCullough has been organizing and decluttering homes and apartments throughout Bergen and Morris County New Jersey and Rockland County New York since 2009. She is also a Certified Home Staging and Redesign Expert.

She combines this expertise with her real estate business to help home buyers and sellers throughout Northern New Jersey.

She is a licensed real estate agent and Realtor® with Blueline Realty Group in Hackensack New Jersey.

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