What is Virtual Organizing and Decluttering?

Virtual organizing is a decluttering and organizing service exclusively using video conferencing technology such as cell phones, tablets, iPads and / or computers with cameras. I work with you in very easy to manage 1 hour sessions via phone or video chat such as Skype and FaceTime. You DO NOT have to be local – we work with clients all across the United States. We have been organizing and decluttering homes across the United States since 2009!

How Virtual Organizing and Decluttering Works

  • Call us for a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your specific organizing and decluttering needs and wants and the scope of your project.
  • Once we decide that we are a good fit, you book your one hour virtual organizing session based on your needs and your schedule.
  • You pay us at the time of booking your one hour session. Payment is accepted online via credit card in advance of the session.
  • After you have paid, we will text you our email address. It is then that we ask you to email or text us pictures of the area(s) that need decluttering and organizing.

We do our very best to try to accommodate our clients with weekend scheduling as well, as needed.

What You Need For Virtual Organizing and Decluttering

Very simple. You need your smart phone (iPhone or Android), your tablet or iPad, and you may need either Skype or FaceTime. You do not need to buy any technology for this as you already have it.

If you are feeling technologically challenged, never fear! Have a family member or friend help you. We can also walk you through anything you need to do.

Virtual Organizing and Decluttering Maureen McCullough LLC

What Happens During Our Session

Because we have now have the pictures of your spaces that need help, we will advise you via email exactly what you will need to have on hand for our session. Usually it’s Rubbermaid bins, garbage bags, Clorox wipes, broom and dust bin, possibly boxes or crates for storage.

During the session, you’ll be using your smart phone or iPad / tablet to show me more in depth the spaces that need help.

I give you a totally supportive, non-judgmental assessment of exactly what needs to be done, in what order, to achieve the organized success you want. I also include common sense organizing tips and give you an action plan to follow.

Each session is full of support and encouragement so you can achieve your goals.

Email support between sessions is included, as well as steps you can take to complete the task at hand on your own, without feeling overwhelmed.

You want to be successful, not feeling like you’re drowning.

Sessions are scheduled as often as you need based upon the size and scope of your project, your schedule, and how much DIY organizing you take on in between sessions.

Benefits of Virtual Organizing and Decluttering

  • It’s non invasive. No stranger comes into your home.
  • It doesn’t have to be local. We work with clients across the United States.
  • It’s accommodating to your schedule. All you need do is set aside one hour for each session.
  • You’re working with a professional organizer who gives you expert advice and organizing tips.
  • You receive email support to help keep you on track.
  • Our services offer accountability to you for the task at hand. We are your partner in organizing and decluttering.
  • Clear out old energies and patterns that cause clutter and disorganization. Start down a new path and keep it that way!

Why Virtual Organizing Is Right For You …

  • You are committed and motivated to attain organizing success with our constant support.
  • You are comfortable using your smart phone, iPad, tablet or computer with FaceTime or Skype. If you feel technologically challenged, have a friend or family member assist you. It’s no more difficult than taking pictures or making a video with your iPhone or Android phone.
  • You have reasonably good internet signals in your home.
  • You are busy and don’t have time for long drawn out sessions.
  • You work well on your own and take direction well.
  • You are physically up to the task yourself. If not, get supportive family and friends to help you out.

What Does Virtual Organizing and Decluttering Cost?

$75 per 1 hour session via video chat on your phone, iPad, tablet or computer, paid at the time you book your session with us.

Who Do We Do Virtual Organizing and Decluttering With?

We offer virtual organizing and decluttering services to:

  • Homeowners
  • Renters and apartment dwellers
  • Those going through life transitions such as Marriage, Divorce, Empty Nests, Downsizing, Blended Families and more
  • No Limits – Attic to garage to basement and everywhere in between, small or home offices
  • If you are getting ready to move
  • If you are getting ready to put your house on the market
  • Clients all across the United States – no limits

Call us today to schedule your free 20 minute Virtual Organizing and Decluttering consultation. Tap our phone number to get started! 201.753.1677