What Satisfied Clients Are Saying About Our Home and Small Office Organizing Services in Bergen and Morris County New Jersey

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We wanted to start getting the house decluttered, organized and ready to put on the market. Maureen came and gave us an honest assessment. When done, we were so impressed with how our home looked and felt we decided to engage her home staging services. OMG what a difference she made in our life! Our home sold for 6% over asking price due to her home staging efforts. Our retirement to Florida was made complete with this bonus. Maureen, words cannot express our gratitude.

Josh and Miriam
Stony Point NY

Maureen was extremely instrumental in helping us declutter and organize our home. What seemed like the impossible became possible and our sense of "its never going to get better" is now a sense of "let's keep it this way". My family and I cannot thank you enough for your time and dedication to getting us back on track. Amazing.

With highest regard,
Joe, Rockaway New Jersey

I just wanted to take a minute to thank Maureen for her dedicated response to our whole house decluttering and organizing project. Our issue was the result of a blended family situation that simply got out of control. Maureen came to our home, professionally assessed the situation, told us what we needed to get in order to get started, and quoted us her price. The next 8 weeks she came back every Sunday (the day that fit both our schedules the best) and got us straightened up with a sense of humor and understanding. Every room from basement to upstairs bedrooms is now neat as a pin and we aim to keep it that way. Forever grateful for your help with our situation.

Victor, Hibernia New Jersey

Hi Maureen,

Thanks for helping me get started organizing & de-cluttering my clothes closet / spare room. I liked how you were decisive to put things in certain order. I'm looking forward to working with you again to organize more areas of my home!

Best Regards,
Ed C., Lyndhurst New Jersey

"A true transformation for my kitchen from hell. Not kidding. Maureen initially came to our home on a Sunday no less, in order to kindly accommodate my schedule. Initially we did a whole house walk through and ended up in my kitchen. She asked me which room would be my pet peeve to get started in first. I told her this room because no one can find anything and we are always running out of things but not really - it's because nothing has a set place. 4 hours later my kitchen was in perfect working order. Every cabinet, my pantry, everything was totally transformed. My daughters now have NO excuse to not find their snacks, to not put them away where they found them, etc. And I can finally entertain friends and family and know where everything is. I cannot thank her enough. Money well spent."

Patrice, Ramsey New Jersey

"Our apartment on Prospect Ave in Hackensack was going to be quite crowded as we were welcoming our first child but could not afford to move up into a larger apartment. We called Maureen to see what she could do for us. She first decluttered, then rearranged our living space to be more open concept, and between all of that we were able to clear out a very small second bedroom for our baby and Maureen transformed it into a beautiful functional nursery. My wife and I couldn't be more pleased with what she did for us."

Luis and Margot, Hackensack New Jersey

"My husband and I were considering selling our home seriously because we were now empty nesters and had several rooms we didn't know what to do with. After Maureen's initial consultation with us, she opened our eyes to possibly re-purposing those rooms. We decided we weren't really ready for searching for another home, and the ensuing packing and work involved. So we went with her plan. She helped us declutter our entire house, giving us tons of space we never knew we had. Then she set about re-purposing those rooms. One became a charming guest bedroom, one became my craft and creative room, and the one with the balcony became a beautiful second floor sitting room. We are so pleased!"

Rob and Janice, Ridgewood New Jersey

"I'm bad with paperwork. I'm bad with computer files. I can never find anything. Ever. Which is why I called Maureen to come in and help me out. Totally worth the money in a heartbeat. Within several sessions, she got my paper files completely organized in the filing cabinet, beautifully labeled and oh so easy to find. She organized my computer files impeccably, and put everything up in the cloud because, as she pointed out, hard drives do die, and usually do so unexpectedly. Now, I can find anything without having a panic attack. I've called her back several times just to keep me on the straight and narrow. Well done Maureen."

Joe, Upper Saddle River New Jersey

"Our small office in Fair Lawn was a little bit of a train wreck. There are only four of us but we somehow managed to misplace almost everything when we get super busy. Maureen designed a system of what I will call inboxes although they are really just specific places to put specific papers. This helped us a lot. She then showed us how to upload and maintain the rest of our files up on the cloud, easily accessible on everyone's iPad, ready for any meeting. This saved us tons in paper as we had been printing everything out. We are really pleased with how she straightened us out. "

Zachary, Fair Lawn New Jersey

"Our home office was in need of some TLC in the organizing department. Not really a mess per se, but always teetering on the edge of NOW where did that document go? Decluttering was not needed as it was not an issue, but organizing, labeling, sorting and separating was. We contacted Maureen and had her come in, explained our problem and she with her personable can do attitude offered us some excellent common sense advice. We hired her on the spot. No regrets. She even rearranged our office to make it flow better which was really a special treat. So happy we called her in and from time to time we call her back. She's like family now."

Alexandra, Wyckoff New Jersey

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Maureen McCullough has been organizing and decluttering homes and apartments throughout Bergen and Morris County New Jersey and Rockland County New York since 2009. She is also a Certified Home Staging and Redesign Expert. She combines this expertise with her real estate business to help home buyers and sellers throughout Northern New Jersey. She is a licensed real estate agent and Realtor® with Blueline Realty Group in Hackensack New Jersey. For all out of state transactions we have a solid network of reputable realtors to help you sell your home, relocate, and more.

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