Whole House Organizing Gig

We’ve been blessed with a whole house organizing gig up in Morris County NJ! This wonderful friendly family has been through several life changes, and with that comes the inevitable clutter of combining households.

We all know how that works, even if you haven’t combined households. Life throws you that curve ball and you tend to say “I’ll deal with this / that / the other thing later.” And so the piles begin.

Blended families bring baggage, and that baggage often never gets put away. So it begins.

Bergen County Professional Organizer

Our first four hour session with them saw the front room which is more like a large foyer get cleaned up and organized. Then after a much needed break we moved on to the dining room. Cleared out all of the clutter, organized everything, and then we moved on to a corner area for more of the same decluttering love.

Then a really really well deserved break, with plans made for this coming weekend to hit up the kitchen and pantry.

I’m pleased that I could give the owner the motivation to get this project going and hopefully when we are all done, the motivation to keep everything under control.

Remember, a great rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in a year, whatever it is, it deserves serious consideration to be donated, trashed, re-homed, or whatever you choose.


Maureen McCullough has been organizing and decluttering homes and apartments throughout Bergen and Morris County New Jersey since 2009. She is also a Certified Home Staging and Redesign Expert. She combines this expertise with her real estate business to help home buyers and sellers throughout Northern New Jersey. She is a licensed real estate agent and Realtor® with Blueline Realty Group in Hackensack New Jersey.

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